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We install VELUX® windows into kitchens, bedrooms, stairwells, bathrooms as well as into extensions, garages, barns and outbuildings and we can transform your existing loft or attic space to create a stunning bright additional living area that will not only increase the value of your property but give your home a unique feature.

Choose from white polyurethane or natural pine finishes with six glazing options. Top hung or centre pivot windows or in a sloping and vertical combination, dormer windows, walk out balcony windows, flat roof solutions, sun tunnels and roof terraces all create bright and airy living areas for your home. For hard to reach areas there is the perfect solution using VELUX® centre pivot INTEGRA® windows which can be solar or electrically powered. We also supply VELUX® blinds, shutters and awnings for those finishing touches.

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VELUX® Blinds Options Part 2 - Exterior

In last week's look at the blinds on offer from VELUX®, we looked at the options for controlling light fitted to the inside of the window. This week we are stepping outside to look at options for blinds and shutters fitted to the outside of your rooflight window.

Exterior blinds can help you control not only the levels of light in your home, but can also be used to reduce the heat inside from solar gain. Exterior blinds can also help to enhance the security of your home.

First, the anti-heat blind. When the sun beats down, the temperature inside a building can rise quickly. Rather than cutting down the temperature with fans or air conditioning, which can be costly to run, with anti-heat blinds, you can take the prevention is better than cure route by reducing the rate of increase of temperature instead of artificially removing the excess heat. This can be good for your wallet and your carbon footprint.

The anti-heat blackout blind, as its name implies, controls not only solar gain, but also the level of light enering your living space. With the choice between manual and electric/solar powered versions, you can install just the level of control over incoming heat and light that you want.

For additional protection from the elements, from noise and from security risks, the VELUX range of exterior roller shutters combines all those aspects of physical protection with flexible light control. They are perfect for keeping out noise too, from traffic or from hailstones beating on your windows. As with all VELUX products, these blinds are designed, built and tested to the same rigorous standards as the windows themselves.

Take a look at the gallery pages for more information:

With a number of happy customers close to Earlswood currently enjoying the enhanced daylight and feeling of space their Velux windows bring, there will be more photographs of these Velux Skylight and Rooflight installations posted, so please look back from time to time if you are looking for inspiration to bring more light and space to your home. However, at Rooflight Windows we prefer to think of every attic or space that we bring more controllable light to with Velux roof windows and blinds as being a unique reflection of the owner's taste and style, so rather than looking to past work as inspiration, you may prefer to call, or email and tell us exactly what you want from your home. Earlswood is within easy reach of our workshop in Sussex and a face to face meeting with our Velux window specialist can often achieve clarity far quicker than any amount of emailing. With the energy efficient remote control options, window styles, interior and exterior blinds, sound advice is the key to successfully bringing light and space to any home that exactly suits the family that will live in it. By applying our personal approach to your personal wishes, between us a beautiful end result can be achieved. If you would like to know more about our projects in Earlswood, simply call the number on our contact page, or click in the header of any page to send us an email.
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